Bull market has certain features. A proper understanding of these dynamics and relating them with how media industry of today runs should give some pointers to a wise professional. For young media professionals, there are lots of lessons that can be adapted from these bull market dynamics. The media industry can be described as a bull market now and only the wise will trade in it and make gains while majority will lose out.

Africa Foundation For Young Media Professionals’ partnership with media training institutions as well as University Mass communications department advanced today with its first ever organized media workshop for the 400 Level Students of Mass communications department of Caleb University, Imota Lagos

Opening the media workshop with the theme: Dynamics of the media Bull market, how to position for excellence”, the Executive Director, Yinka Olaito, who led the faculty maintained that ‘There is a similarity between a bull market and the media industry today, understanding the dynamics and learning from it will help a young media professional prepare and move with precision”.

Yinka Olaito said that some of the features of bull market that media industry now replicate are: a need to have and consult advisors, accurate predictions of the market may be impossible, the larger part of the market is influenced by investors’ (in this case media items consumers) psychology; investor’s optimism will increase fortune of tradeable commodities (which are media contents).

In addition, to get the best from the bull market, actors must think long term, learn to buy early and not sitting on loses for a long term, in order words, sell.

Relating these to the media market today, Yinka Olaito counseled the media students to seek mentors or create a platform to access them, build relevant industry skills early (buy early strategy) and experiment as well as trash stuff that are not working (sell when losing). But whatever a young media professional does, thinking long term, prioritizing industry investors’ (news items, product consumers) happiness will deliver great dividends.

The question time showed the level of students understating and benefits of the session as the Q&A session showed a need to learn and implements the ‘hows’.

Dr. Biodun Oyeleye , the head of the department in his remarks said ‘ a great learning session, we are looking forward to your coming back and will work on incorporating some of the ideas into the classroom”.

Dr. Okunade, the former HOD and a lecturer in the department who was also present said “Quite a great learning session and I do think media students of today are quite blessed to have this kind of session as my generation did not have such opportunity when we were in journalism or media training schools growing up”. In all, a total number of 140 students who are in 400 levels and who will be finishing their final exams as students of the institutions were in attendance

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