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The business of transforming  Africa’s media landscape will be a long walk to freedom. But the truth is  once the mind is made up, the impossible becomes possible. The future we see in our focus  on the new/ next generation of media practitioners across Africa is  very bright. this is why we  are excited  about its possibility.

There are obstacles, but such supply the motivation and not discouragement. Inch by inch, we will conquer and bring the changes we see as an organization. In 2019, here is where we are going.’

1. Changing the media landscape in Africa will require adequate preparation for the future we see. Our Media skills development for Mass communications students aims to reach a minimum of 30.000 mass communications students in 2019. Average students of mass communications per school is between 1500-2.000.(We aim at reaching 15 schools,5 schools per region-North, East, West. The cost of reaching and empowering a student is two US ($2.00) Dollars.

Our projection for Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, we aim to reach 3.000 students each in these countries depending on availability of fund

2. Major events: As part of our goals, two major events are scheduled for 2019. A national media industry dialogue and our flagship Africa media come alive forum(AMCAF) which is continental in outlook.

3. On our media for good and development projects, it is our plan to help many civil societies/NGOs through communications capacity building for some identified groups who are doing great work but do lack adequate knowledge of how to use media for cause promotion, strengthening and brand awareness building. We hope to give special attention to empowering 150 women running causes related to women and girl economic empowerment as well as education across the three major regions in Nigeria. Asides from these, we hope to help another 150 media and communications staffs of other NGOS/causes outside women and girls related.

4. As we know, 2019 is election year in Nigeria, Media plays a major role in governance and democracy. Our media for democracy and governance project aims at helping an average of 150 citizen journalists in Nigeria on ethical journalism, understanding what constitutes hate speeches and misinformation as well as  how citizens can enhance their media and information literacy skills.

What roles can you, your organizations play?

A. Volunteer with us: If you have the right skills in these identified areas, you can volunteer for any of the projects

B Donate/sponsor: It is obvious we will need all the help in terms of funding. Your organization can sponsor a campus outreach to 2000 students at two US dollars ($2) per student. On media for good, democracy and governance projects, our estimate is about fifty US dollars ($50) to reach one out of the 450 professionals to be empowered.

You can reach out to us now : email info@afymp.org


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