Media Come Alive Forum (MCAF)

Media Come Alive forum is a bi-annual media development platform. The purpose is to create an avenue for discussing crucial and global issues in different genres of media. Each Conference/forum will analyze major media development gaps across Africa in relations to international standards and how media can become best tool in addressing the problems of the world while resolving its own problems.

It is also a platform for diagnosing, offering prescription to the identified gaps and equip delegates/participants with best practices skills. One of the MCAF events is national while the other is continental with participants and faculty drawn from target geographical locations.

MCAF is a rendezvous of learning, relearning, sharing of past, current, future ideas, knowledge which has capacity to bring disruption/changes to media performance. Outcomes, decisions, discussion of each episode will become relevant raw materials for building media industry in Nigeria and Africa. We hope to begin publication of outcome first online and as funds are available, there will be a hard copy for sales and distribution.


Media Clinics (MC)

The aim is to equip media students across institutions with relevant skills which prepare and make them ready army of media practitioners. The major intention is to raise future outstanding Africa media Ambassadors across the globe. There are 3 categories of this:

  1. Media Capacity development for Media and Communications Students: this is a capacity development platform targeted at media, Communication students in varied institutions.
  2. Entrepreneurial Journalism. This is targeted at start up online news media entrepreneurs
  3. Women in Journalism start-ups(WIJS): is aimed at developing and encouraging young women who aspire to become mediaprenuers with relevant resources and capacity development opportunities


The award is yearly. At present the plan is to hold the award ceremony with the second MCAF event (with a possible gala night). Award winners will be exceptional upcoming and middle level media professionals who had distinguished themselves in varied genres of media and communication fields within the year under consideration. Depending on funding, we may start with four award categories with or without cash prize.

Application, selection process will be highly transparent with credible panel of judges within Nigeria and Africa. The awards will begin within Nigeria while continent-wide participation may begin after five years of take off. Depending on circumstances and funding.