A Nigerian University Don, Prof Izedonmi who is the Vice Chancellor of SouthWestern University Nigeria, had on Wednesday 20th of July, 2022 warned Nigeria Mass Communications Students, especially those attending his school, that there is no substitute for advanced and adequate preparation if they want to excel. Professor Izedonmi said this at the media skill development workshop organized by Africa Foundation For Young Media Professionals(AFYMP)for his school mass communications students.

Professor Izedonmi said “Life will not wait for you; you must go after what you want. Professional environment is becoming more competitive and only the prepared will become relevant’’.  Professor Izedonmi also talked about his experience as editor of a newspapers in 1976 after his degree programme. He said further, “No one succeeds today without a deliberate intention to’’.

The Executive Director of AFYMP, Yinka Olaito in his lecture titled “Dynamics in the Media Bull Market: How to Position” first took the students through the fundamentals of bull market and compare this with the present reality in the media industry which is making the industry volatile.

Olaito in his speech said “some of the fundamentals of bull market are that there is upward rise in price, market cannot be perfectly predicted, there is need to buy early and sell when price close beyond expectation” Olaito then counselled that to excel in a bull market, a player needs to follow the trends, have mentors or advisors.

Drawing and inference from the above, Olaito informed the participants that they needed to “prepare early, experiment and trash knowledge that are not delivering value as well as understand the fact that no professional truly excesl without a mentor/advisor”.

Earlier on, the Ag Registrar of the University, Mr G,A Aderoju while welcoming participants and the organizer of the workshop, AFYMP, expressed his and University appreciation for such a dogged commitment to the future generation of media professionals.

Aderoju said “The University cannot thank AFYMP enough for this commitment and strategic intervention to see that the next generation of media professionals who are still in journalism training schools, and universities are better than the present.”

The Dean of the University Social Science faculty, Dr Arikewuyo on his part praised AFYMP for “embarking on such a laudable project without a cost to the University as he knew they must be bearing the cost of such project”.

Some of the participants while expressing appreciation for the knowledge gained said they are grateful for such a session of knowledge impartation and that this had prepared them to take strategic position and become real professionals in the field.

Culled from: Nigeriagrassrootnews,com

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