The pursuit of change in Africa’s media landscape/narrative requires commitment and investment. Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals(AFYMP) decision to make this a reality keeps driving its activities daily. To achieve this, the organization strategy is focused on capacity development of next generation/early career journalists, broadcasters as it sees this target as the future hope of the media industry across Africa.

Tuesday May 9, 2023 was another opportunity to walk the talk. It was an induction ceremony/workshop for Association of Campus Journalists, University of Osun State(acjuniosun), a chapter of National Association of Campus Journalists in Nigeria. The ceremony combines an induction ceremony with a workshop for both the old and new members. The theme of the Workshop “Grooming the next generation of Journalists from Campus Journalists”.

The vice President of the acjuniosun, Aliyu Oyewole, while welcoming participants encouraged that the society continues to benefit if journalists are properly groomed they can offer best value. According to Oyewole Aliyu “No half-baked journalists can help the society today, fake news is gradually destroying the fabric of the society, media literacy has become essential”.

The Dean, College of Humanities, Dr (Mrs) Abiodun called on the new inductees to strive for excellence in this call they aspire to chase for life. According to Dr Abiodun, “When you make a decision to do anything, give it all the best shot you have gotten”. 

Dr Abiodun, Dean College of Humanities, Osun State university

Staff adviser of the association, Mr Victor Adefemi who is a lecturer at the department of Communications and Linguistics studies in the University charged the new inductees as well as old members to appreciate the position the profession will offer them but realise they through their contents can make or mar the society.

According to Victor Adefemi “Be ever conscious of all your actions as a journalist. You probably hold the key to inflaming or making the society a peaceful place to be”.

Yinka Olaito, Executive director of AFYMP, while delivering the workshop lecture titled “Journalism, building a world-class profile” charged the inductees, which were about 29 not to be entirely concerned about the choice of course they are reading in the university now as many who did not study Mass Communications had excelled in the profession.

Yinka Said “While it may be great to study journalism as a course if you want to excel in the profession, there are countless seasoned journalists, broadcasters today whose basic undergraduate degrees have nothing to do with the media”. 

“But now that you are here, you will need thirst for knowledge, passion, hunger, extreme commitment to make a mark”, Yinka Olaito advised

A major point Yinka emphasised is the fact that journalism is a calling which requires all the commitment it can get despite the glamour that may be there. “Journalism is a calling not a means to an end, if you see it as a means to an end, it is time to go elsewhere before it is too late”” Yinka charged the inductees and old members.

Cross Section of participants

A survey conducted pre and post event showed 75% acknowledged they were not very certain about their confidence and ability to stand out in the industry but after the session, affirmed now they have the ingredients that can boost their confidence and competencies.

On impact of mentorship, a post event evaluation survey indicated 90% of the targets saw a need for mentorship and they wish AFYMP can continue to partner with the association in this regard

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