The New Wave: Media literacy and career opportunities’ a webinar organized by Union of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University brought together some the brightest minds of the next generations of media practitioners in Nigeria. It was organized for ideas sharing from two experts with the participants on how they can take advantage of media literacy to position for their future of work

 The first speaker Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin of media career Development Network emphasised a need for the participants to understand what media literacy really means which is ability to access and utilize media content, He further advised “knowing how to access relevant information is a skill young media information of today needs to know”.

Mr. Otufodunrin maintained there are information out there and knowing where to access them is vital. Beyond accessing young media must be able to analyse the content they accessing so as to make good use of them.

Beyond this, Mr Otufondurin counselled that the ability to develop relevant skills in this regard is a must for every young journalist today if they must excel.

Yinka Olaito, who is the speaker when first explaining what media literacy means focused on the later demand of media literacy which is ability to interpret as well as control what the learner push out. Beyond accessing, analysing and evaluating which are fundamental, media literacy will demand that learner develop the right skills of emotional intelligence not to be reactive to every media forms out there. Media emotional intelligence here means ability to control what you push out there.

Yinka Olaito said ‘many journalists have become reactionary to many media forms others push.  Instead of having a developed ability to control what the individual accesses, what many do is to allow these media forms to direct what they do”. According to Yinka any journalist who is reactionary will always push negative content which may his/her fortune, career chances. tomorrow.

Yinka Olaito said “Lack of control over personal emotions had robbed many of great career chances as potential employers can dig up materials they had published or posted years ahead of the time they are ready to be in the job market.

Yinka advised “Always be strategic in the contents you are pushing out, critically consider the community you are joining and how that may affect your image”.

Yinka Olaito concluded, it is never too late, since they are still young, they should henceforth “Clean up their table in term of deleting media items/forms they had published which did not completely represent the brand they want to build, seek mentors as well as sign up for learning, unlearn and relearning”.

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