As part of its visionary drive to change Africa media landscape, Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals with a focus on early and mid-career journalists/broadcasters will be training Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Union of Campus Journalists on ‘What Safety really means’’. For most campus Journalists, drawing the lines and knowing what limit of risks to engage in seem like a joke.

Some out of youthful passion and a new found love, allure of journalism as it were, continue to walk in the illusion that if it is journalism, readiness to die is the best option. While truth is still sacrosanct, campus journalists need to be told, being alive to tell the story instead of becoming the story is fundamental.

The specialized workshop will therefore focus on intricacies of freelance/campus journalism, the road ahead and how to navigate the tightrope campus journalists are walking on among other factors. This event will hold at one of the Polytechnic’s halls on Wednesday January 24, 2024 by 10am 

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