AFYMP organizes Media Entrepreneurship Workshop for National Broadcast Academy Students

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The atmosphere was lit and there was a yawning for more as Africa Foundation For Young Media Professionals organized a one- day training on ‘Media Entrepreneurship: Opportunities for start-ups’ for students of National Broadcast Academy Lagos Nigeria on Wednesday February 12, 2020.

The Executive Director, Africa Foundation For Young Media Professionals, encouraged every student ‘to look beyond being an employee within the media industry’. He said thinking within and outside the box will help each of them to strive for a worthy goal. Yinka Olaito said ‘opportunities abound for those who want to succeed within the media industry if they can focus on a small fraction of the industry and hone it’.

The media industry has changed and there are now in exhaustive opportunities for those who can take the risk if they can start early while still in school. Media industry in itself is not about owning everything or being a ‘wholesaler and manufacturer’, owning a fractional part with enough impact will change the dynamics for any media entrepreneur who can venture.

Yinka Olaito also stated ‘No one can succeed without proper understanding of his niche, passion’ Niche and passion will propel an individual to identify, define, and characterize his niche. Any niche is as valuable as the other as long as the entrepreneur work hard at it. The niche can focus on entertainment delight, engage, distract, inform or terrify. But a fact in media entrepreneurship is that whatever niche a person chose, it must focus on problem solving for the target.


Sunday Osanyintuyi, the Publisher of GatekeeperNg also shared personal experience on his adventure into his media entrepreneurship journey.  He believes ‘research should precede any media entrepreneurship endeavour’. He also said ‘no one who wants a quick money or reward should venture into media entrepreneurship as there is no guarantee for such’. Media entrepreneurship is more about passion

Earlier on, Engineer Ajibola Abiola, Director of National Broadcast Academy encouraged the students ‘to learn to take risk, believe in themselves and to pursue their enterprise with vigour’.

The programme was attended by 230 participants which included students and school faculty


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