Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals(AFYMP) has commenced its call for application for its yearly fellowships which usually run for between 4-6 months.

Unlike previous years, only three are open now (Media entrepreneurship, women in Journalism and Campus Journalism) because the fourth one: Disability and Inclusion reporting started early this year and it is already running.

According to Yinka Olaito, Executive Director of AFYMP, it is our joy again to recruit and train again for an early career and next generation of African journalists, broadcasters whom we believe are the future of African media power houses. Our dedication to our call continues to drive the resolute decision to have a transformed African media landscape that is above board and can compete favourably with other climes.

 In his words “If Africa truly desires a competitive media industry that has all the capacity to compete with other regions across the globe, continued and deliberate investment must be a weapon we must engage. Hence the reason AFYMP invest in this set of journalists and broadcasters yearly”.

The 2023 call for applications had over 700 applications from 36 countries across Africa with selection of only 112 fellows who participated and went through all the programme requirements

The 2024 call for application has started since beginning of April, 2024 and will come to a close by April 22. 2024. While the response had been huge and encouraging, AFYMP will like to say, those who yet to know of this opportunity should take the advantage before it is too late. To apply, use this link

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