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Many owners of online or digital journalism/news portals are often confused why the website or platform seems not to get traction. More confusing is the fact that they have nothing tangible or gain after months or for some a year after they started publishing.

Aside from the noise out there, other factors like existence of fake news websites which had led many readers to focus on trusted platforms the challenges are growing. In many instances what many readers see in some of these so called journalism/digital news sites are nothing but a compete ‘reproduction of what they had read in hundreds of websites out there. So why bother if there is no unique angle to the story.

In this age, digital journalism or news portals are no longer for the lazy and unskilled lots. It takes a level of professionalism, consistency, focus and knowledge to excel out there.

What are 5 qualities that can help your news portal stand out? In this piece we just want to quickly help upcoming or experience publishers to revaluate what they think they know.

Niche, Niche and Niche: People think this point is being overrated. Not at all. No niche is too small to focus on. Without this, your digital journalism or news platform is just ‘one of them’. You can hardly make any mark without this.

Do you know or can you describe your audience: Going out to serve everyone on the planet today is a joke. The more focused your news platform is the better for your outputs and income. Take time to describe an ideal audience your news portal will be serving. This will allow you to study and know their demographics as well as behavioural patterns. This will reveal how they want to be served.

What are the information gaps and news coverage you are offering: You cannot just be regurgitating news with no new twist and bent and expect your news portal to become the new sensation in town platform. You must aim to fill a gap that may be missing. For instance, your goal may be to supply in depth analysis that cannot be found elsewhere or others.

How and what are the audience best engagement factors: If you have done your homework, this will not be difficult. Engagement will spike loyalty. If you do not know how to craft your news item in a way that will drive engagement of your audience, you may be on a solo run.

Partnerships: To gain speed or a very good acceleration, finding a partner organization, especially a corporate that is interested in your niche, is a very good thing. That is if you can. There can be an exchange of values immediately as your platforms kick off. You can do product sponsor, sponsor post as well as get some ads from such organization as long as this does not compromise your platform’s objectivity among others.

As you consider this, we do know things will begin to take shape and follow a good direction in terms of effectiveness and profitability.

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