Just immediately after the cold war, the Military created the acronym VUCA which means ‘Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous’. The acronym is not a modern creation but has been there for years. Just that as we know today, the reality is dawning on us at an increasing vehemence.

As we know, volatility speaks volume about a quick succession of events in a large scale. Uncertainty is used when we cannot accurately predict outcome and complexity arises when a task is daunting though not unsurmountable. The last word here is ambiguous which portends lack of clarity.

This is the world and professional environment journalists, broadcasters as well as others must operate and thrive. Knowing these, wisdom demands each creates a soft landing or an environment that can make them weather the storm unhurt. Despite the challenges, there is always a way if an individual remain focused and dedicated to her/his his goal. A personal conviction to remain at the cutting edge is a must.

Funding is dwindling and no sane person can survive without a measure of it in the face of surviving the basic of life. No matter what life throws, only the focused and the determined can sail through with good stories of change. In today’s piece, we share with you five survival strategies.

Think about revenue generation:  Only a fool thinks money is not important. No matter how much you love whatever you do, other responsibilities will confront you daily which money can solve. You will need to have a shelter, some good clothes to wear. Means of moving around is also essential.

In doing what you love, how is this going to attract resources you need to meet daily challenges? You like to write, speak, edit, draw, take photograph etc.? Find a way of monetising some of these skills so as to have your daily needs, if not wants met.

Start investing in assets that create wealth: Nothing goes for nothing is a common cliché.  Do not wait until you have all the money to buy all the basic tools you need to excel. An inch a day will make the task become accomplished. Those who are doing well understand the importance of investing in self and other wealth creation opportunities.

The challenge with many is they want to wait till they have everything in surplus before they start investing. Buy good phones not because you want to belong but with a focus on what need such phones can help you meet in your professional practice/journey as a multimedia journalist.  

Shift into abundance and entrepreneurial mindset: As turbulent as the world seems today; many are still making great strides. Other professionals are still winning awards and making outstanding progress. One distinguishing factor is not just the environment or abundance of money, it is a mindset that sees opportunities and growth everywhere.

What you see, tell yourself every morning you wake up is very important. Life may be hard but there is abundance everywhere. With positive mindset, start and work with what you have, see and embrace abundance in your heart first and somehow the universe will supply to you what your heart sees.

Whatever you do, develop an ownership mentality. You are actually working for yourself even if you are still being paid by an employer.  What you make happens for others, God or universe, if that is what you believe will make happen for you.

Think Collaboration: Going farther today is beyond solo effort. Collaboration, especially the strategic ones, will produce greater results than what an individual can do in few months.

There are opportunities today because there is internet and technology. Know what you want and search for it. But more importantly, develop your capacity for the opportunities you are seeking. Without preparation, many had missed life changing opportunities. Do not let this happen to you.

Keep your integrity: there is nothing that delivers so much today as integrity. Its values and worth are priceless. Do not be that professional whose words, character and lifestyle does not represent anything just fluke.

While integrity may not be the only thing you need, but if you have this, it can open several doors.

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